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Letter to the Editor: It's about facts, not judgment

It's all about judgment? Who is being judged and who is the judge?

I stand by Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, in that he supported what he believed. After all, we elect people that we feel will do what they say, not what the media or others decide.

Regarding the survey mentioned: I don't hold much stock in surveys as they can be too easily manipulated, but I was surprised more people were not disappointed in the production of our legislature and governor. Both parties need to do better, but we are so complacent we do not expect more. That is our fault.

The "Castle Doctrine," which received the most attention in the writer's letter, was a Minnesota proposal similar to a law that was passed in Florida, which would have allowed Minnesota residents the right to protect themselves. 

I did go on the Internet to Florida's Department of Law Enforcement to review the yearly crime statistics from 2004-2011. As Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, which allowed citizens to protect themselves was passed in 2005, they seemed the most relevant years.  I did not find anything that showed a "300 percent increase in killings by private citizens," as stated by the writer (aren't all murders done by private citizens?).  There appeared to be a slight increase in all murders but no breakdown as far as who committed them or the reasons.  Overall crime for that period was down, so everyone must form their own conclusions as to the reason for the decline.

It's more about facts than judgment!