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Letter to the Editor: Levy process not 'sneaky'

I am a seasonal cabin owner and have been since we bought our property in 1980.

At that time, I was an adult and fully aware that I would pay taxes to the township, county, school district and state of Minnesota because of property ownership, and that I would not have a vote on any local taxing issues.

I accepted that because I find Otter Tail County, Edna Township and Perham a very pleasant place to spend part of my life. I accept that the residents will make all local taxing decisions. That's just the way it works in the adult world.

Webster's Dictionary defines 'sneak' (this term was used in a Letter to the Editor regarding the levy process) as, "secretly... an act of sneaking... not openly avowed."

I live 170 miles from Perham (another rural community), yet I was well aware of the school levy vote this spring. I believe the local newspaper, radio station and school district let people know weeks in advance the date, time and place voting would take place so that people could plan to make time to vote on this important issue. That's just the way we do things in the adult world.

I'm also wondering why 1,061 less people showed up to vote this spring than last fall. That's an interesting question. One answer, I believe, is that people know the date, time and place to vote but, because they are adults and make decisions for themselves, they made the decision that the levy issue was not important enough to them to take the time to vote. That's just how the adult world works.

Finally, as a seasonal resident and taxpayer, I found nothing about this process that I thought was illegal, immoral, unethical, sneaky or fattening.