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LETTER TO EDITOR: Move to Perham depends on levy results

Passing a school levy is important to our community in ways that affect all of us. This community has been clamoring for more female providers. Here are the words of one who is considering joining us:

I am a female physician specializing in women's health and OB. My husband and I have been researching the Perham community for the past few years. We have been very impressed by the progressiveness of the community in many facets. Perham seems to be a community where groups come together to accomplish a task when needed, and has a very stong "can do" attitude.

My husband and I both are originally from small towns, similar in size to Perham. We would like to raise our young children in the same environment.

We have looked at a fair number of communities in the past several years, and have set our sights on Perham. The primary reason we are even considering moving our family to Perham is the school system. We have toured through the school, as well as a number of others, and are thoroughly impressed with the Perham K-12 system. We have researched all the test scores available, and Perham rates well above the state averages in virtually every category. The last two years, Perham has won or was runner-up in the Minnesota State High School League Challenge Cup. This is a tremendous accomplishment which the whole community should be proud of. In general, the community, and the school system have a "winning" attitude that is hard to find these days. For proof, just look at the winning traditions of the extra-curricular teams.

I have interviewed at the Perham clinic and hospital and have been offered a position. My husband and I would like to make the move to Perham. However, we have very serious concerns about what will happen to the school system, and the community, if the upcoming school referendum fails. If the school levy passes, we plan to relocate our family and my practice to Perham. If it fails, we likely will look elsewhere for an alternate community to live in.

I urge you to vote for our community and for our children by voting FOR the school levy.