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LETTER TO EDITOR: NYM bowling history dates back to 1959

To the editor:

I read with interest the article about Bud Welter in the New York Mills Herald.

I would like to share some history about the sport of bowling in New York Mills dating back to 1959, when interest in bowling was renewed. That year my husband, Lloyd Dreyer, established a four lane bowling business in the basement of the city hall and named it "Lloyd's Lanes." The lane beds and pin-setters were purchased from former bowling lanes in International Falls. They were transported to NY Mills by the trucking business of the late Ole Heino.

There was a problem at first as to how to get the long lane beds into the basement of the hall. It was decided to put them through a window at street level. My memory eludes me as to how this was accomplished. It must have been a difficult and slow process.

In 1962 the new Lloyd's Lanes was built on East Centennial Drive with six Brunswick automatic pin-setters, lane beds, and so forth. The building was built to accommodate eight lanes with a plan for future expansion. We sold the business in 1974 to Mel Rautio who named it Mills Lanes. Years later, Mel sold it to the Tumbergs, the present owners.

I admire Bud and others like him, who have enjoyed the game of bowling for so many years. Bowling was always a passion of Lloyd's. Our motto at the time was "bowling is fun for old and young."

I cherish the memories of our years in this business. Our son and son-in-law are carrying on the tradition and bowl in a league. Lloyd passed away September 2, 2006.

I am proud and happy that the legacy continues in my great hometown of NY Mills.

Margaret Dreyer

Chisago City, MN