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Letter to the Editor: A poem before Election Day

The news, by however you get it, has a general slant and tone; And whatever be your leaning, you'll embrace or sigh and moan.

Let's look today at the parties three - any more would be just too much; Between the radio, the TV and our mailbox, some days I just say "Enough!"

The conservative party, our Constitution to preserve, is not crying for any change; Our founding fathers not to offend, endeavoring more to acknowledge their brains.

The liberals are more for contemporary thought, their 'bent' is exchanging the old for the new; Uncomfortable truth be set aside - then to interpret it according to you.

Now the independents, with no shortage of words, won't adhere to the aforementioned - no, no; Preferring the 'wet finger test' in the doorway, to see 'how the wind does blow.'

They are never encumbered to support or defend, but to be courted each day for their vote; Just like the kitty, kitty in my lap, that loves it more and more with each stroke.

The undecided, the proverbial mule, that starved between two stacks of hay; Little thought given to being informed or even knowing the time of day.

So approaching the election buffet, it's a maturity test on your own; Only two weeks to ponder - Will it be good for America? Can't do it? Maybe best, you stay home.

Willard Sanders

Ottertail, MN