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Letter to the Editor: Sen. Ingebrigtsen responds to 'out of step' claim

With regards to the "out of step" letter from Jerry Horgan (published in the July 26 Focus): I may not be in step with the metro law enforcement, but I am "in step" with residents of Otter Tail and Douglas counties who want to exercise the 2nd amendment of the U.S. constitution.

As a former sheriff, I agree that law-abiding people should be able to protect themselves. I, along with many rural chiefs and sheriffs, have issued hundreds of permits to carry handguns. These, again, are law-abiding folks, who, in my experience, never once committed a crime with their handguns.

What Mr. Horgen doesn't seem to know is that in the "good guy vs. bad guy" world, the bad guys have guns and use them without getting permits from the cops. Therefore, if being "out of step" means that I vote in the senate for law-abiding citizens to be able to exercise their right under the 2nd amendment, than I guess I am "out of step," at least according to Mr. Horgan.