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Letter to the Editor: Voters spoke, district ignored

 Last fall, four issues emerged after the success of defeating the school board's fourth attempt to shove an unpopular levy down our throats: the indoctrination of students, the dictatorial efforts to advance their cause, the liberal political agenda, and the propagation of secular ethics in public schools.

The cost was relevant mainly to one man from "Concerned Citizens for Property Tax Fairness," a man whose biggest concern was his own pocketbook, not the children. The concerns addressed in the newsletter were the concerns of a guy who doesn't care that non-residents, who already pay for education in their own districts, will also be required to pay taxes in the Perham district; nor does he care that area farmers will be required to pay more taxes.

It is evident that this guy, who previously fought against the levy and is now willing to throw farmers and non-residents under the bus in order to save a few dollars, has motives that are self-serving.   

1. The greatest concern is not the cost, but the damage public indoctrination has done to the kids and to our society. With its admitted liberal and social economic agenda, public indoctrination has created an entire generation who believe they're entitled to anything and everything, including high-paying jobs and contraceptives (see: Occupy Wall Street and Sandra Fluke).

2. In previous attempts, levy proponents used dictatorial means to achieve their goal, wanting to force local residents to pay for their agenda, but now they're demanding that even seasonal residents pay for the levy, yet these taxpayers are not allowed to vote. Isn't this taxation without representation?

3. If teachers would rid themselves of the diabolical unions that represent them, they would have more sympathy from the taxpayers. Unions are to negotiate with employers, but in the case of public employees the taxpayers are the employers; yet taxpayers have no seat at the negotiating table. Education has become a political war between Republicans looking out for the taxpayer, and Democrats rewarding public employees and the union thugs in exchange for their political support.

4. Public education, with its anti-Christian bias, has exchanged divine precepts for secular ethics, eternal truths for moral relativism, repentance for tolerance, and defined behavioral correction as judgmental. The obvious deterioration of morals and ethics in society over the last 50 years has been painfully evident, a time frame which coincides with the court removing prayer from the classroom in 1962 and bible reading from public schools in 1963.

It's incomprehensible that any conservative or self-professing Christian would contribute to an organization that is a breeding ground for liberal anti-Christian ideology. The following articles by Rachel Bjorklund and Duke Pesta gives one the ability to understand the damage that public education has done to our society:

-www.thoughtsfromaconservati- culture/education/9842-moral-relativism-and-the-crisis-of-contemporary-education

     Those who deny these truths lack knowledge; those who refuse to examine the evidence are obstinate. Ignorance can be overcome with knowledge, but stubbornness has no cure. Those unwilling to read these articles are rejecting knowledge and choose to remain deceived.

Hosea 4:6. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you shall be no priest to me: seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children."