Devlyn Brooks 2021

Devlyn Brooks


Devlyn Brooks is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and serves Faith Lutheran Church in Wolverton, Minn. He also works for Forum Communications Co., both as publisher of the Detroit Lakes Tribune, Perham Focus and Wadena Pioneer Journal, and also for Modulist, a Forum Communications Co.-owned company. He can be reached at for comments and story ideas.

"After a couple of years of celebrating apart because of the pandemic, and also for having just lived through another rancorous national election, we all could use the joy and hope and anticipation that is promised us in Christmas, in the birth of a mighty little king born in a manger."
"I like that we are still discovering creatures previously unknown to us even though we are supposedly firmly into our golden scientific age. It’s a good and humbling reminder of our place in the order of things. ... I marvel at a God who would create us in his image, but still take the time to fashion the prehistoric-looking conger eel — it’s real, look it up! — for purposes I will never comprehend."
So just what makes our elections so special? I credit all of those who are involved in the elections, from the volunteers at the local precinct to the election officials on up to every level of government.
Even a pastor needs divine reassurance every once in a while.
"(I)n the Lutheran tradition ... We believe all believers are one big collection of saints, and we especially are grateful for those saints who precede us in death and now guide us from the other side of eternity. The observance of All Saints Sunday is a venerable tradition that can evoke a lot of emotion."
Devlyn Brooks writes: "Having the privilege of participating in discussing how complicated these young peoples’ lives are today, we had it easy. These kids face daily pressures and circumstances that force them to grow up way faster than previous generations."
"I see each of you, and my prayer today is that you feel the love of the Holy Spirit wrapping itself around you," Devlyn Brooks writes. "From one grateful traveler to you, please know that your work matters!"
Devlyn Brooks writes: "That is exactly what it means to be a part of the body of Christ: Living in faith together provides support, encouragement and a reason to keep fighting the good fight."
Devlyn Brooks reflects on admitting that "I can’t do this on my own!”
Brooks encourages the community to shop local, eat local, drink local and READ local.