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Different generations of art talent to be shown

Dan Irvine's computer-generated art work will be on display at the Center for the Arts in Perham. Brian Hansel/FOCUS1 / 3
Peter and Patricia Irvine have a number of paintings done by his mother, Eloise, who is approaching her 96th birthday. Brian Hansel/FOCUS2 / 3
Peter Irvine's grandmother, Florence Jenson, began painting after her 70th birthday. Brian Hansel/FOCUS3 / 3

The artwork of three members of the Irvine family will be on display beginning Wednesday at the Perham Center for the Arts

The show was inspired when Peter Irvine approached Russ Kadow, a member of the Center for the Arts, to ask if the center displayed the work of local artists.

The answer was "yes."

Irvine just happened to have some.

The former Perham lawyer and district judge who lives northwest of Perham near Devils Lake with his wife, Patricia, comes from a Detroit Lakes family that did far more than dabble in art.

Bill 's brother, Dan, left Detroit Lakes for California and never came back to live in his home state, finding that the Golden State suited him right down to the ground.

In addition to being a potter, Dan Irvine created computer-generated art, which involves placing layer after layer of artwork on the same canvas.

What at first looks like a visual frenzy is actually a carefully crafted art piece that always includes a portrait of some person.

"He liked to surprise people," Patricia Irvine smiled.

Dan attended eight different colleges before getting his degree in art from the University of Montana. He lived in California until five or six years ago according to his brother, dying there on lung cancer.

"Many of his pieces were on display on the west coast," Irvine said.

Peter's grandmother, Florence, found her eyesight failing when she took up painting. Her artwork has a unique, blurred style that seemingly reflected her own vision problems.

She was still at work on her art in her eighties.

Eloise Irvine, who will turn 96 in July, was more of an impressionist painter than Florence. She worked in both oils and watercolor and won several awards for her work.

Kadow said the first local showing of the talented family's art is slated for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday night at 115 Fifth Street NE in Perham. Evening showings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. will continue through Tuesday, June 19 with one exception - an 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. showing on Saturday, June 16.