Over the last year, Perham native Cory Hepola has successfully transitioned from being a TV news anchor to hosting his own radio show.

Last week, Hepola expanded his skillset even further by launching a podcast alongside his wife, Camille.

The two got the idea for the parenting podcast, “Hey, They Grow Up So Fast," after being asked how they balance their careers as news anchors with three young kids, all under the age of 5.

“It’s hard for all parents to balance career and work with life,” Hepola said in a phone interview following a live broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair. “We thought why not create a show, and talk about it? Talk about the successes and challenges.”

In a teaser trailer, released ahead of the first episode, Cory and Camille say they’re outnumbered by their children.

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“The second they go to sleep, we do know it’s time for us,” Cory says in the snippet.

Cory said the show is a time for he and Camille to relax and connect.

“We’re just two parents, there’s a lot of people that can relate,” Hepola said. “Why not do exactly what we would do? Let’s just turn on a mic.”

Hepola said the idea of doing a podcast alongside Camille has been in his heart for a couple of years, but he’s thankful he’s taken the time to evolve the idea.

“It’s better now then it would have been, if it was a rushed project,” he said.

Hepola credits WCCO Radio with the support in investing in the show, which is launching on the station’s podcast network.

Hepola admits it’s hard to break through when more than 700,000 podcasts are already out there, but he says there’s not a local market for what they’re doing.

“The unique part is it’s all innovative, it’s not taken apart from anyone else, our main goal is it’s authentic and real,” he said.

He said the podcast will bring in local celebrities, including former Minnesota Vikings and Twins players, along with successful business people to dish on how they’ve succeeded not only professionally, but as parents.

Hepola calls the experience therapeutic, and hopes to inspire more couples to connect more regularly.

“Our lives just get so busy. Having this set schedule, it becomes a date night,” Hepola said. “We look at each other and start connecting.”

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For more info or to start listening to “Hey, They Grow Up So Fast," visit wccoradio.radio.com/media/podcast/hey-they-grow-so-fast.