FARGO — As ABC News tackles the ongoing issue of the crisis at the border wall, the station is turning to some recent, in-depth reporting by WDAY Reporter Kevin Wallevand.

On Tuesday, Nov. 26, the anchor of ABC's the Briefing Room, Devin Dwyer, not only ran Wallevand's story, but also interviewed him about his experience. Wallevand followed a group of Lutheran pastors and church members as they traveled to the El Paso-Mexican border to see for themselves what is actually happening there.

"These ministers were looking for a way to bring the story of the migrants back home to their church, and they thought seeing firsthand the work of the border patrol and the work of shelters would be a way to do that," Wallevand said.

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From New York, Dwyer asked Wallevand about how this topic is being received in a conservative state that elected Sen. Kevin Cramer, a Republican supportive of President Donald Trump's immigration policies.

"Help our viewers understand what those conservative voters in your state, the supporters of Kevin Cramer, who say we've got to get tough on immigration, what's the real impact on them?" Dwyer asked Wallevand. "Where does that passion come from, hundreds of miles from that crisis you witnessed, which those pastors in turn said this is a call to action for the humanity here, and yet you have this split picture with so much fixation on a crack-down. Where does that come from?"

"I grew up in this area, have been at the TV station here for 36 years," Wallevand responded. "And it's a conservative part of the country — compassionate but conservative, practical . . . and so many of them will repeat this: 'You've got to take care of our own' type of thing, and I think that's where Senator Cramer's support came from."

"A River Becomes a Wall" documentary will air on WDAY TV on Thanksgiving night at 6:30 p.m., and will also be streamed here live at that time.