Hello area residents, I hope everyone is having a super summer in busy lake country.

As we know, business, tourism and activities are vital to our area. The economy in and around the Perham area is made up of tourism, retail, agriculture and industry. As our communities and area continue to grow in all facets, including new jobs, our businesses, cities and county are major drivers of this growth and economic success.

As we work together to provide the best living conditions for our residents, we are always striving to bring new people to the area to live their vacation. We want to continue to make our area the best that it can be, and to also provide for the best services and recreations.

With this in mind, please support where you can to help for the betterment of our area. If it’s new roads, trails, community centers, recreational facilities, whatever the next adventure, please support and help where you can to make a positive impact for everyone.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and have a super fall.

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Dan Schroeder

Executive Director, Perham Area Chamber