Negative effects of the trail for the Gorentz Farm on Highway 35:

1. The irrigators will have to be shortened, causing thousands of dollars of loss of income on crop production. Even then, we would probably get complaints of water spray if the wind was blowing.

2. Road approaches, which we used for hauling manure and for farm machinery entry and exit, would not be usable. If we can't use approaches, how can we get farm work completed?

3. Would our use of culverts be eliminated? Our manure pumper uses those culverts for hoses to pump out our manure pit and effectively dig it into our fields. We also use them for irrigation pipes to irrigate many acres with our traveling gun. Elimination of culvert use would be a great loss in income for us.

4. With bike riders so close, we would no longer be able to own man's best friend, a dog. What happens if cattle are out, are we responsible for damage or injury to the trail or the biker?

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5. We will be farming land very close to the trail. Who is responsible if there is an accident with our tractors or machinery?

6. Some houses are right next to the road. Will you go through their living room with your trail? How about the safety of children?

How can you lawfully take people's land for recreational purposes?

Who is responsible for the cost of further repair of the trail?

Instead, make the shoulder wider or put the trail somewhere else.

Karen E. Gorentz

For Gorentz Dairy