DEAD LAKE TOWNSHIP OTTER TAIL COUNTY NOTICE OF ROAD ESTABLISHMENT HEARING NOTICE lS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Board of Dead Lake Township, Otter Tail County, Minnesota will conduct a hearing on the 4th day of November, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. at the location where Rodel Drive and Rodel Trail meet for the purpose of considering and acting upon a Petition received calling for the establishment of two Town roads. The descriptions of the roads are as follows: Rodel Drive begins at the north side of County Highway 32 near the middle of the Bixby Acres Plat as recorded with the Otter Tail County Recorder’s office on September 10, 2002 by Robert Bjornstad. Rodel Drive is a 66’ easement following the drawing of a dedicated road on the Plat going northerly with a few curves and turning westerly culminating in a 100’ turn-around. Total distance of Rodel Drive is 2800’. Rodel Drive and Rodel Trailwill consist of a 24’ gravel driving surface. Rodel Trail breaks off of Rodel Drive at the northern most edge of Rodel Drive as it turns west to the turn-around. Rodel Trail follows the drawing on the Plat in a northerly direction for approximately 408’ where it also culminates in a 100’ turn-around. All persons interested in this matter are encouraged to attend the hearing The tracts of land through which said roads pass and the owners thereof are as follows: Government Block 1 in Section 33, Township 135, Range 40, Otter Tail County-The State of Minnesota; Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Name Parcel Number Public Land 14000990640000 David & Margaret Laske 14000990627000 The Compound, LLC 14000990669000 Ty and Amanda Holstrom 14000990628000 Kyle & Rebecca Sorby 14000990629000 Laurie Bartlett 14000990631001 Christopher Horrell, et. al 14000990632000 Cory Adams 14000990633000 Stephanie Stober 14000990634000 Alfred Sonju 14000990635000 Alfred Sonju 14000990639000 Lyle & Ben Hovde 14000990637000 Erica Bergerud 14000990636000 Michael Sonju 14000990670000 Joseph & Cynthia Murray 14000990630000 All parcels of land are in the same Township, Section and Range: 135-33-040 Cheryl Harris Clerk/Treasurer, Dead Lake Township Dated:10/10/22 10/20, 10/27