Dead Lake Township Public Notice Request

Dead Lake Township Public Notice Request For Chloride on Township Roads Property owners desiring dust control on their road for 2023 must make a request of the Dead Lake Township Board by submitting a petition prior to May 5, 2023. The petition must include: a. The beginning and ending description of the area to be sprayed as well as the specific area by each person’s signature; b. A signature by each person next to the person’s printed name, address, and telephone number; c. A contact person’s name, address and telephone number of the petitioners who will be in charge of the project. The cost of dust control shall be shared equally between the Township and the property owners on a 50:50 basis. The Township has determined the cost to the petitioners at $.43 per foot. Full payment of the petitioner’s portion must be made to the Township prior to May 5 of the same year as the petition is presented. Send petitions and payment to Dead Lake Township, PO Box 54, Richville, MN 56576. Because some roads may not be suitable for dust control, the Town Board, solely, shall determine whether to grant the petition for dust control. Upon determination that a section of road is appropriate for dust control, the Town Board shall contract with the designated company to apply either calcium or magnesium chloride on the road. The contact person will be responsible for obtaining flags from the Township to mark the beginning and ending points of the road to be sprayed with chloride. Dawn Lueders, Clerk 4/13, 4/20