NOTICE OF PRIMARY ELECTION To the Electors of the County of Otter Tail: Notice is Hereby Given, That a Primary Election will be held in all 91 Election Precincts located in Otter Tail County, on Tuesday, the Ninth (9th) day of August 2022, for nominating candidates for the following offices, which are to be voted for at the General Election to be held on Tuesday, the Eight (8th) day of November 2022, to wit: FEDERAL OFFICES One Representative in the United States House of Representatives for Congressional District 7 - (All 91 Precincts) STATE OFFICES One State Senator in the following Senate District: 9 - (All 91 Precincts) STATE EXECUTIVE OFFICES Governor and Lieutenant Governor Secretary of State Attorney General COUNTY OFFICES One County Commissioner for the Second District (2nd) Commissioner District - (21 Precincts) General Information – Please note the polls will be open for voting from the hour of seven (7) o’clock a.m. and will remain open for voting until the hour of eight (8) o’clock p.m. except for the following townships that have notified the Otter Tail County Auditor-Treasurer’s office that their polls will open for voting on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, as authorized by Minnesota Statute 204C.05 Subdivision 1a at the times noted below: Aastad Township 10 A.M Amor Township 8 A.M. Blowers Township 10 A.M. Bluffton Township 8 A.M. Butler Township 9 A.M. Carlisle Township 10 A.M. Eagle Lake Township 10 A.M. Effington Township 10 A.M. Elmo Township 10 A.M. Folden Township 10 A.M. Homestead Township 10 A.M. Inman Township 8 A.M. Leaf Mountain Township10 A.M. Maplewood Township 10 A.M. Norwegian Grove Township10 A.M.Oak Valley Township 10 A.M. Orwell Township 10 A.M. Oscar Township* 10 A.M. Paddock Township 10 A.M. Star Lake Township 10 A.M. Trondhjem Township 10 A.M. Western Township* 10 A.M. Woodside Township 10 A.M. (Note – Under the provisions of Minnesota Statute 204C.05 Subdivision 1a the governing body of a town with less than 500 inhabitants according to the most recent federal decennial census may fix a later time for voting to begin at state primary, special, or general elections, if approved by a vote of the town electors at the annual town meeting. The later time may not be later than 10:00 a.m. for special, primary, or general elections. The above listed townships have notified Otter Tail County of their later time for voting to begin. If your specific township is not listed above and your townships total population is less than 500 according to the most recent census, please contact your township to determine is a later time has been established.) Should you have any questions regarding the upcoming State Primary Election (polling place location, hours for voting, etc.) please feel free to contact the Otter Tail County Voter Registration office at (218) 998-8040 or 8041. Information regarding your polling place location, the status of your voter registration, a sample ballot as well as absentee ballot information can also be found at General information regarding elections/voting is available at *Mail Ballot Precincts Wayne Stein County Auditor-Treasurer Dated July 5, 2022 Otter Tail County Minnesota (7/28/22) 79937