Winter Natural Gas Safety Tips

Winter Natural Gas Safety Tips Protect Your Natural Gas Meter & Keep Your Home Warm Safely!  If possible, keep water from dripping from your roof and freezing on the meter. Carefully remove icicles & snow build-up from roof eaves above the meter & on the meter itself.  If your meter is covered in snow, gently remove it by using a brush or a broom. Never use a shovel or hard object to remove snow or ice from a meter.  Be careful using a shovel, snow blower, or snowplow when clearing snow & ice near your natural gas meter. When clearing sidewalks or driveways, do not pile snow on or near the meter.  Do not use sharp objects, salt, ice melting chemicals, or hot water to remove snow and ice.  Keep exhaust vents for natural gas appliances such as water heaters, dryers and fireplaces clear of snow & ice to prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide.  If you smell natural gas or suspect a gas leak, vacate the premises & call Perham Natural Gas’s emergency line, (888) 262-3837 or dial 9-1-1 from a safe location!