Letter: 3 reasons to support trail

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I have written several letters of support for the Perham to Pelican trail project over the last few years. I think the trail is critical to this area for three reasons.

HEALTH: Obesity and mental illness continue to be the top two issues facing our community. We see the results of this in our emergency room every day.

More options for exercise are critical. Getting people engaged in exercise requires a wide variety of options, so we need something that interests everyone’s. Biking is one of the best forms of exercise and nationwide, one of most popular. We do not have a lot of good or interesting options for safe biking. People from this community, and our employees, travel long distances for good and safe biking options.

RECRUITMENT: A huge benefit is the recruitment of physicians and other professionals. Amenities to the area are critical as we recruit. Families want a variety of activities. We praise our great schools, cultural activities, the PACC, lakes, golf courses, ample hunting and fishing, downhill skiing and mountain biking. Having another option in our tool chest greatly with recruitment. We never know which amenity will tip the scales in our favor.

GROWTH: Great bike trails help our tourism and retail industries. When the full trail is complete, it will give our economy a boost. Community growth is key to our future success.


Chuck Hofius

Chief Executive Officer, Perham Health


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