Letter: Trail has economic benefits

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My name is Pat (Miller) Puetz, and I have been involved with many aspects of cycling for more than 35 years. Not surprisingly, I am in favor of the Perham to Pelican Recreational Trail.

However, I also understand and appreciate the economic benefits of trails. People spend money when riding through towns on the trails, families book vacations because of safe scenic trails, and trails are often the deciding factor in the purchase of a home.

Our local bike club -– -– had a ride in Dorset, Minn., on the nearly 30-year-old Heartland Recreational Trail. The small town of Dorset truly appreciates this trail and the people who ride on it.

Yes, recreational trails are expensive. They need to be engineered and constructed for long-term quality and safety. To limit disruption, these trails are often included in large highway projects because of the construction timeline. The funding is always from a different source of revenue than the highway project. And yes, I know that revenue is funded by our taxes.

Finally, this trail fits with the forward and progressive leadership that Perham is known and envied for throughout the Midwest.


Please support this trail.

Pat (Miller) Puetz

For the Lakes Area Bike Club


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