Letter: Trail will make OTC a better place

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Good government should go beyond basic services. Good government should help create better places to live for its residents.

That's why Otter Tail County has been actively involved in planning, promoting and developing the 30-mile recreational trail that will connect Perham to Pelican Rapids. This trail will make OTC a better place to live. OTC has over 1,000 lakes, and many, many people live on those lakes. The trail comes within a couple miles of about 30 of those lakes, and will provide a convenient place for those residents to recreate.

The trail will also act as a destination to attract outsiders to OTC, because that's what trails do. Those folks will have a good impression of OTC when they go back home. Maybe they will want to come back, or move here for a job. And they will help support OTC businesses when they are here. Both Perham and Pelican have tourism-based economies, that will benefit from the money they spend.

OTC Commissioners want to go beyond the basics. They want to make OTC a better place to live. The trail is one of the tools they have chosen for this important task.

Chuck Johnson



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