Locals answer the call to make masks for others

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Rosie the Riveter is calling on Perham sewers to make and donate face masks for local businesses and individuals who can not make their own. (Submitted image)

Because of the great need for fabric masks -- and because not everyone can sew their own -- local residents have started organizing mask-making for business and individual use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bay Window Quilt Shop recently donated enough fabric to Perham schools to make 1,000 masks, saud Katie Hennagir, owner of Bay Window Quilt Shop. She said the project helped school paraprofessionals fill their working hours; the masks were donated to Perham Health and school employees.

"That was the first wave of all this," Hennagir said.

The second wave came as Sue Huebsch and other sewers, who had already been making masks, noticed that those who cannot sew need the protective face coverings, too.

Those sewers are now using fabric from their own stashes to make masks to donate to local businesses and individuals who need them. Masks dropped off for donation at Bay Window Quilt Shop or Bauck Paint & Homes are meant for businesses, and masks donated to Perham EMS are marked for individuals, Hennagir said.


"Then businesses can call us to request a certain number of masks," Hennagir said. "If we have enough we are distributing them to business."

And if there are not enough masks, the sewers are alerted that more are needed.

Businesses and individuals should call before coming by to make sure that masks are available, Hennagir said.

Sewers who want to help make cloth masks for those who cannot sew can just start sewing and donate them. Masks should be made out of 100% cotton, Hennagir said. The cotton should be a high-quality one since research has shown that high-quality fabric blocks more germs.

Bay Window Quilt Shop has the hospital's preferred mask pattern, Hennagir said. However, there are many patterns online that also work.

Get a face mask

Homemade face masks for local businesses can be donated or picked up at:

  • Bauck Paint & Home from, 9-11:30 a.m. Call 218-346-5115 to check availability.
  • Bay Window Quilt Shop, 1-4 p.m. Call 218-246-7272 to check availability.

Masks for individuals can be picked up or dropped off at:

  • Perham EMS Station. Call 218-347-1614 to check availability.
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