Looking Back 50 and 25 years ago in Perham

The Perham turtle racers made one final appearance at the Perham Memorial Home. (Chuck Johnson)

50 years ago

Catches 9 pound walleye

Not everyone catches them like this anymore, but Ira C Stanley of Palmyra, Neb. landed this 9 pound walleye in fine order Tuesday evening. He was drifting on Dead Lake, using a crappie minnow with a Little Joe spinner, when the catch came at about 6 p.m.

Ira C Stanley of Palmyra, Nebraska caught this 9 pound walleye on Dead Lake. (archive)


Stolen truck stopped in Perham

Officer Michael Kunz, of the Minnesota Highway Patrol apprehended the driver of a truck stolen in Detroit Lakes here in Perham 26 minutes after the Patrol received word of the theft. According to Kunz, the vehicle was taken from the Shell Truck Stop east of DL. Kunz apprehended the driver when he had trouble getting the truck going at the Perham stop light.

Schools open, public school has about the same enrollment

Perham Public Schools opened for the 1969-70 session Monday afternoon with assembly for the high school students in the school auditorium. According to enrollment figures released by Superintendent Dale Tuttle, school enrollment increased only 11 over last year to a total of 821. Tuttle pointed out while the farm population has been declining for a number of years, increased enrollment from in town has been taking up the slack.

From the Thursday, August 28, 1969, Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

25 years ago

Input sought on violence in Perham area

In an effort to help prevent violence in the Perham area, input is needed to better understand the community’s thoughts and perceptions on the issue. A group of local citizens will be inviting participants to focus group interviews to listen to opinions and perceptions relating to violence.

Have turtle will travel


The Perham turtle racing season is just about to an end, with the racers making one of their final appearances last week at the Perham Memorial Home. Residents got to have their own turtles for the races, which were hosted by Jane Aschnewitz and her faithful racing crew.

Donor wall for PACC

Now PACC is going to highlight that generosity by erecting a Donor Wall. It’s an idea that’s been kicked around since the building first opened, but never got off the ground for a variety of reasons. John Turgeon will be building the cabinets by combining ideas from brochures he received in recent months. The wall is designed to recognize donors based on how much they gave to the project, based on the following categories: Benefactors, Builders, Developers, Supporters and Friends.

From the Thursday, September 1, 1994, Perham Enterprise Bulletin

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