Looking Back: Headlines from 50 and 25 years ago in Perham

A Perham native was as an electrical systems engineer for the satellite Explorer 45, which launched Nov. 15, 1971.

Vernon L. Krueger is pictured, working on Explorer 45. (File photo)

50 years ago

Perham Man On Satellite Project: A Perham native, Vernon L. Krueger, served as an electrical systems engineer on the satellite Explorer 45, which launched on Nov. 15. The satellite carried seven scientific experiments to study space weather phenomena, more than 16,000 miles above the earth's equator.

Dent Youth Faces Charges For Burglary: In last week's "Looking Back," a 1971 article about $3,000 worth of goods being stolen in Dent was included. In the Dec. 2 newspaper, it was recorded that a 19-year-old was charged for the burglary of Bob's Hardware. He was apprehended in St. Paul by Otter Tail County deputies shortly after the break-in and was being held in the county jail on a $5,000 bond.

Come To Perco Farm and Home Supply Grand Opening: Perco Farm and Home Supply, the recently purchased and rebranded Schoeneberger Furniture Store, was planning a grand opening for Dec. 9–11.

From the Thursday, Dec. 2, 1971, Perham Enterp rise-Bulletin

25 years ago

"Anything Goes" a musical success: Perham-area residents involved with a high school and community theatre group put on the musical, "Anything Goes." The auditorium was filled with an almost complete full house. The performance went well and earned a standing ovation at the end.


Adam Rose, Katie Hayden and Andrew Fritz perform "Anything Goes." (File photo)

Kind act travels all the way to Russia: The Russian exchange students who came to Perham in 1996 had already gone home when the Nov. 28 newspaper came out, but Perham-area residents were still sharing the stories of their time in town. One exchange student, Tatanya, had been saving up to purchase rollerblades when she came to America because that was the thing she wanted most. She paid $170, but they were later stolen from a bench. In an act of goodwill, Perham came together and raised money to get her a new pair of rollerblades a few days before she returned home.

Doggone good volunteer: A local yellow lab, Blondie, earned her volunteer card after 10 years of volunteering at Perham Memorial Home. She entertained and comforted residents who needed it.

Blondie, the yellow lab, is pictured with her owner, John Knight, and her award. (File photo)

From the Thursday, Nov. 28, 1996, Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

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