Walleyes are hitting leeches in 22 feet on West Battle Lake, jigs and minnows in six to 28 feet on Otter Tail Lake, leeches in 13 feet or less on Big Pine Lake, and minnows in 18 feet on Rush Lake. Look for sunfish in six to 13 feet on Big Pine, West Battle, and Clitherall lakes. Crappies have staged at the mouths of the bays on lakes Blanche, Clitherall, and West Battle. West Battle also is giving up muskies in shallow water and pike are hitting spoons or sucker minnows on the weedlines of most lakes.

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Walleyes are scattered between seven and 23 feet and hitting a variety of live-bait presentations on lakes such as Pelican, Big Detroit, Cormorant, Melissa, and Sallie. Surface baits are triggering muskies on the shallow cabbage of Big Detroit. Sunfish are hitting in two to 10 feet on Height of Land Lake, Tamarack Lake, Sour Lake, Melissa, and Big Detroit. Crappie action is slow, but bass and pike are an easy catch on most lakes in less than 12 feet.

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Slow-presented live-bait rigs are turning walleyes at Long Lake in 14 to 19 feet and on Island Lake in 16 feet. Big Mantrap Lake is kicking out pike in six to eight feet via sucker minnows. Look for 'gills on Lake Itasca in three to five feet and crappies in seven feet on Big Mantrap and Island.

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