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Perham father reunited with daughter who went missing

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Brian Cooney and his daughter Claire at Hector International Airport Wednesday, March 15.2 / 2

After 46 days, a Perham father is back at home with his daughter after he said the 6-year old was taken by her mother.

Brian Cooney said it's been nothing but excitement since since he and his daughter, Claire, were reunited on Monday, March 13.

Unfortunately, this whirlwind journey isn't over quite yet. There's still a legal battle ahead.

But it was all smiles for the Cooney family as Flight 913 out of Minneapolis arrived at Hector International Airport in Fargo Wednesday afternoon, March 15.

Just days ago, Cooney had no idea where his 6-year old daughter was after he said her mother, Miranda Cooney, and her boyfriend took the little girl.

"I'm just so relieved that it's over," Cooney said.

After a nationwide search and with help from a private investigator, Claire was found in Tennessee and Cooney was reunited with her Monday.

"She came out of the car, running into my arms; one of those moments every parent would remember forever," he said.

It's like these two hadn't missed a beat.

"A lot of much-needed father-daughter time to make up for," Cooney said.

Now there's a different obstacle to face: custody.

"There's an order of protection against her mother right now," Cooney said.

Miranda Cooney is set to appear in court Thursday, March 16, to see if the protection order will stay in place.

"I'm going in hoping for the best, but I'm prepared for anything," Brian Cooney said.

Even with the legal issues ahead, he the most important thing for him is bringing some consistency back into his little girl's life.

"Get her integrated back into school," Cooney said. "We're just going to try and give her, her childhood back, hopefully it wasn't taken too much from her."

Cooney said he's just happy he finally has his little girl back.

"As long as she's back here in Minnesota, I'm ready to roll with the punches," said Cooney, who is overwhelmed with the amount of support he received when looking for Claire.