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Looking back

Kathy Glawe was crowned 4-H Queen at the East Otter Tail County Fair in 1967. Focus File Photo1 / 2
The new Miss Perham Tanya Tobkin got a hug from her predecessor Jamie Courneya last Saturday. Jamie had just placed the crown on Tanya's head, signifying her win in the pageant. Chuck Johnson/File Photo2 / 2

25 Years Ago

• Working mothers on the rise in the 1990's—Only about one-third of Minnesota children under age 6 have a non-working parent, figures from the 1990 census show. The recently released figures confirm the continued and dramatic increase in the entry of women into the labor force.

Among Minnesota women with children under 6, 69.3 percent were in the labor force in 1990. For those with children ages 6-17 only, 81.7 percent were in the labor force. Both figures were markedly higher than in 1980.

Labor force participation rates for women with young children are now higher than the participation rates for all women. The 1990 rate for all women was 62.5 percent. The overall rate is based on the total population of women 16 and older, which includes large numbers of retirees and high school and college students.

• Tanya Tobkin is Miss Perham: Wins crown Saturday before a packed PHS auditorium—Tanya Tobkin was crowned as the new Miss Perham last Saturday, earning the title from the field of six young women seeking the title.

The 19-year-old is no stranger to the stage for Miss Perham, having sung last year. But last year's appearance was merely as an entertainer, not as a participant. She was on stage as a participant this year, and her singing helped bring her the Miss Perham title, as she emerged as the talent winner, thanks to her emotional version of "On My Own" from 'Les Miserables'.

Winning the talent portion of the contest is important, because it represents 40% of the overall judging. Other portions include interview 30%, evening gown 15% and swimsuit 15%.

• Big Pine gets C-: Too much phosphorus, suspended solids—If Jack Frederick was a teacher asked to grade the water quality on Big Pine Lake, he probably would have given the lake about a C- minus.

But Frederick isn't a teacher, he's the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Regional Specialist who has overseen a year-long water testing program for Big Pine, taking place in 1991. He highlighted the results at the July 11th meeting of the Big Pine Lake Association (BPLA) and it was there that his C-minus assessment was given.

The lake has two major problems, he told the 75 people on hand for the BPLA meeting: 1) Its phosphorus levels are too high, especially when compared to the norm for northern Minnesota lakes. 2) Its suspended solids levels (caused by erosion and sedimentation) are too high, more than double the normal for lakes of its type.

On top of that, it tends to have a relatively high level of chlorophyll A, resulting in algal blooms during the summer.

From the Thursday, July 23, 1992 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

50 Years Ago

• Kathy Glawe is 4-H Queen at Fair—The 4-H dress revue Friday night is always an exciting time for the clothing project numbers. At a preliminary dress revue at New York Mills 40 girls were chosen for their modeling techniques. This is not made known until Friday night who these girls are. From the 40 are chosen the court of honor—among these fifteen girls are the princesses and her attendants in the four groups and the overall queen and her attendants. County commissioner James Bucholz was on hand Friday evening to crown the princesses and queen.

The East Otter Tail County 4-H queen was Kathy Glawe of the Sybillettes 4-H club. First, attendant was Jeanette Kratzke from the Dora Boosters and second attendant was Mary Klinnert from the Shining Stars.

In the court of honor the advanced princess was Janis Housman of the Compton Go Getters. Attendants were Vivian Honer of the Dead Lake Busy Beavers, Connie Lachowitzer from the Rush Lake Ramblers and Jean Flatau of the Eagerettes 4-H club.

• Construction Site Poses Dilemma—This was the scene 2 weeks ago as workmen excavated at the site of a new facility being built by Midwestern Gas Transmission Company. The site is located along trunk highway 228 west of the north end of Long lake.

According to the most reliable rumors in the area, the new facility is to be a pumping station designed to increase pressure at the far end of the line. This is supposedly needed because of increased demand at that end.

W H Shinall, of the company, declined to comment however, saying that the Enterprise would have to go to Houston, Texas, to find out what is happening at the site.

• Hail, High Winds, and Rain Destroy Crops in Area—Hail, 6 inches to a foot deep in places, heavy rains, and high winds left a swath of damage from two to four miles wide all the way from North Dakota into central Minnesota Sunday Afternoon.

The storm, which hit this area about 5 pm, left many crops in Hobart, Edna, Perham, Dead Lake, Rush Lake, and Otter Tail townships in a state of total destruction.

Small grains were the hardest hit, with many fields completely shelled out and flattened. Corn had leaves shredded and ripped off; however, farmers may be able to salvage some for silage, if conditions in August allow the corn to come back.

From the Thursday, July 27, 1967 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin