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Missing DL teen found in California, but now what?

The 15-year-old Detroit Lakes boy who'd been missing for roughly three months has been found safe in California.

"Parker has been located safe and sound!" read a post on the Reaching Parker facebook page. "Thank you for your prayers and support! We are so relieved to know he is alright!"

The teen, who is considered a runaway, went missing at the end of August. According to his mother, Meghan Eastman, police had been questioning her and even obtained a court order to search her phone for possible communication between her and Parker's biological father. She said police were "highly suspicious" of Parker's biological father, who lives in California but who had come up to Minnesota and was staying in Glyndon "while this whole business with Parker was happening." Roughly two weeks later, police did, indeed find Parker in California, but authorities aren't saying whether or not he was in the area of his father.

It's a case, that for many, is still left with holes and questions, and according to Detroit Lakes Police Chief Steve Todd, they're not done investigating. The department is not releasing any information yet concerning the case because it is "still active," and Todd says he doesn't want to jeopardize the investigation by sharing too much.

"We're right in the midst of some things, working in conjunction with several agencies," said Todd.

Meanwhile, Meghan Eastman says she has had limited parental rights throughout this ordeal due to prior domestic abuse issues at her home at the hands of Parker's stepfather, who was convicted of abusing Parker.

"Parker is in foster care in California," reads her latest update on the Reaching Parker Facebook page. "I offered to go pick him up immediately because we had been so excited to hear he wants to come home. Becker County informed me today (Nov. 27) I will not be able to (pick him up)...there is a court order to apprehend and detain him. They plan to send a police officer to take him into custody and bring him here to a shelter care in a detention center," reads the post.