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Looking Back - Nov. 30 edition

A POOPED OUT AARDVARK: Arnie the Aardvark was too pooped to stand for himself recently, after putting on eight separate performances for D-Day in the four elementary schools and the junior high. He was helped in his anti-smoking sojourn by, left to right: Kelli Torgerson, Courtney Foltz, Seth Stohs, Tiffany Foltz and Linda Rise. From the Thursday, December 3, 1992 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

25 years ago

• Hospital will give taxpayers 'credit': Residents of the Perham Hospital District will be eligible for an innovative type of credit from the taxes they pay in 1993... you'll get a dollar for dollar credit for what you paid. Thus, if your hospital tax was $20 (typical for a residential property), you would receive a $20 reduction on your bill for any type of hospital services. The credit would be available after first half property tax payments are made in May of 1993. At that point, you can bring your bill and tax receipt to the hospital, where it will be A) credited if you haven't paid your medical bill yet, or B) refunded if you have paid already.

• School plans for concept of middle school for 1995: The possibility of building a middle school for the Perham-Dent School District has drawn a lot of attention during 1992. The school board took the first official step in moving toward one last week, adopting a resolution calling for the district to begin developing a middle school concept to go into place starting in 1995. When implemented, Perham's middle school would includes grades 5-8.

• One man's view (by Editor Chuck Johnson): What a week of news!: As I look at this week's paper, I'm amazed by the scope of news that has happened in the past week: The hospital adopted their unique 'credit' plan; They might be getting another doctor; They will do major remodeling in 1993; The city has purchased a new loader; They have a 5-year contract for gas purchase; They're wrangling with the MPCA on their sewage plant; The school's first official step toward a middle school, and; They're being rocked by complaints from taxpayers.

From the Thursday, December 3, 1992 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

50 years ago

• 400 Attend Hearing on Highway 10 Route Change: Plans of the Minnesota Highway department to bypass Perham as it rebuilds Trunk Highway 10 into an expressway ran into stiff opposition here Tuesday afternoon at a legal hearing on the proposal. Over 400 persons from the area, and a number of officials, were on hand to unanimously disapprove of the bypass, plus a number of county and state officials. People present...felt that the bypass would seriously injure the business economics of Perham. District Superintendent Frank Pollack...pointed to the need of meeting federal regulations and ventured the opinion that the bypass would not seriously reduce the traffic into Perham after a few years.

• Four Escape as Car Hits Train: A car carrying four young people glanced off the side of a Soo Line freight train engine at about 8:45 p.m. Sunday. All the occupants of the auto were treated at the Perham Memorial Hospital and released. Extensive damage was done to the left side of the auto. The train was moving about 35 miles an hour at the time. Persons in the car included Roberta Hanson of Battle Lake, and Pamela Overgaard, Diane Parrish and Mark Holtberg, all with Glenwood addresses. All were students at the Wadena Technical School.

• Music Concert Set for Tonight: The three bands of the Perham High School Music Department will present their Winter Concert tonight in the high school auditorium at 8 p.m. Over 200 students will participate as they display what is being done in the instrumental music department of our school. The groups are under the direction of Jack Harris and Lee DeFrance.

From the Thursday, November 30, 1967 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin