TAMARACK, Wis. -- An owl in far western Wisconsin had the good fortune to survive a collision with a car, which left it impaled by the vehicle’s grill.

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According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, a motorist called on Sunday morning, Sept. 23,  to report that he had killed an owl while driving on a local road the night before in Trempealeau County.

The man believed the bird was dead, having been thrust into the Toyota’s grill by the force of the collision. He decided he would deal with the aftermath in the morning.

But that’s when he discovered the owl had survived. DNR conservation warden Meghan Jensen responded to the motorist’s call on Sunday.

Together, she and the motorist carefully extricated the owl.

"The owl was stuck! Just the wings and head were sticking out of the grill," she said, according to the DNR. "The rest of its body was lodged in tight."