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Mom's Health Weight group starts this month at Perham Boys and Girls Club

The U of MN SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education program is offering a free program for women to lose weight safely and avoid Type 2 Diabetes. The group- 'I Can Prevent Diabetes, The Mom's Weigh', will work with women who are trying to lose postpartum weight, wish to learn about how a healthy lifestyle can help prevent future pregnancy complications, and those who wish to avoid Type 2 Diabetes, as these issues often connect. Women who have high blood pressure, have a family history of diabetes, and who have had gestational diabetes, are also good candidates for the group. Although the group is intended for women 18-45 years old, older women are welcome to join as well.

The class will be given by Marilyn Hofland, who has partnered with three local hospitals to conduct the Diabetes Prevention classes. This is her sixth group.

"Many women who may want to join have no idea they are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes, a mostly preventable disease. They only know they want to feel more healthy, and try to reach a weight they feel more comfortable with," says Hofland.

Through a special agreement with the MN Department of Health, a $50 stipend will be offered to participants of the group. Free daycare is available as well, through a partnership with the Perham Boys and Girls Club, where the classes will be held. Times and days of the class will depend on participant's schedules, but are scheduled to begin in October. Call Marilyn Hofland at (218) 639-9583 to register, check on risks associated with Type 2 Diabetes, or to ask questions regarding the class.