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PACC to hold community meetings about facility improvements

The Perham Area Community Center is planning a renovation and addition to the current facility to keep up with the growth of the community and area. The PACC Fit-Up will address the responses from the community survey, including more workout space as well as additional programming and family activities. There are also a number of capital repairs and updates that will make the facility more efficient and cost-effective moving forward.

With new and improved access to areas of our facility, we have an opportunity to better arrange spaces and provide expanded services. The plan currently includes expansion for an indoor playland, party rooms, and restrooms; an expansion for child watch and concessions area; free weight relocation to lower level; restrooms on the upper level; a climbing wall; update pool equipment to a more efficient and cost-effective system; a reskin of the exterior of the building for improved insulation; and more.

A one-half percent local option sales tax is proposed to pay for a portion of the PACC Fit-Up. This one-half percent sales tax will be voted on by City of Perham residents on November 6th. The ballot question is specific to the Perham Area Community Center, and funds collected can only be used at the PACC. The sales tax does no apply to groceries, clothing, vehicle sales, prescriptions, or other non-taxable items.

The PACC Board of Directors and staff members would like to invite you to community meetings that are open to the public to learn more about the project. Renderings and floor plans will be available, and there will be time for questions as well.

Residents are invited to one of the following times:

• Wednesday, Oct. 10; 7a.m. at Lakes Cafe

• Wednesday, Oct. 10; 6:30p.m. at PACC

• Thursday, Oct. 11; 9a.m. at Nest

• Sunday, Oct. 14; 10:30 a.m. at Lakes Cafe

To learn more about PACC Plans and the upcoming local option sales tax election, please visit PACC's website: