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Area election results: Ottertail, Frazee, Vergas, Dent


Ottertail City Council had two seats open, with Jill T. Carlson and Ronald Grobech taking them. The results are:

Jill T. Carlson: 39.9 percent, or 185 votes

Ronald Grobech: 37.7 percent or 175 votes

Merle Meece: 22.2 percent, or 103 votes

Judah Burlingame was also elected to a special election seat, running unopposed.

City of Frazee

The new mayor of Frazee is Ken Miosek. A previous report published online here was incorrect in reporting that Mioseks' opponent, Mark Flemmer had won. In fact, the results were as follows: Mark Flemmer: 46.2 percent, or 203 votes

Ken Miosek: 52.4 percent or 230 votes

On the Frazee City Council, there were two seats open. Mark Kemper and Nicole Strand will take those seats. Here are the results:

Mark Kemper: 36.1 percent or 279 votes

Nicole Strand: 23.7 percent, or 183 votes

Bonnie Julius: 22.9 percent, or 177 votes

Kerry Strand: 16.3 percent or 126 votes

City of Vergas

Mayor Dean Haarstick, who ran unopposed, will serve another term. There were 18 write in-votes.

On the city council, the two open seats went to Julie Bruhn and Logan Dahlgren. The results are:

Julie Bruhn: 36 percent or 105 votes

Logan Dahlgren: 25.8 percent, or 75 votes

Keith Bunkowske: 19.2 percent, or 56 votes

Scott Goodman: 18.6 percent, or 54 votes

City of Dent

Terry Coleman was elected to mayor of Dent; Coleman ran unopposed.

On the city council, two seats were open, which went to the two candidates who ran, Dawn Boyne and Daniel Nodsle.

Dawn Boyne: 51 percent, or 50 votes

Daniel Nodsle: 49 percent, or 48 votes