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Truck rolls atop legs of ice fisherman

Sheriff deputies reported that a man, unaware that his truck was in reverse, exited the vehicle. The ice fisherman slipped on the ice and then the vehicle rolled on top of his legs, pinning them underneath the front driver-side wheel.

The victim, on the west side of Otter Tail Lake, was able to use his cell phone and dial 911. His leg injuries were non-life-threatening and he was taken to Lake Region Healthcare in Fergus Falls.

The victim was 70-year-old Gary Anderson of Battle Lake. The accident took place close to 2 p.m. on Jan. 9.

"With the assistance of Battle Lake firemen using a pickup with a mounted hay bale lift, Mr. Anderson was removed from underneath the pickup," said County Sheriff Administrative Lt. Keith Van Dyke.

The victim was transported to the Fergus Falls hospital by Ringdahl Ambulance.