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Nonagenarian shows off embroidery prowess in Perham

Margaret Huebsch, 96, sits in front of the quilt she recently finished embroidering. The quilt features the state bird of all 50 states. (Carter Jones/ FOCUS) 1 / 3
The quilt features a wide variety of birds from every state. (Carter Jones/ FOCUS) 2 / 3
The intricate detail of Huebsch's quilt featuring state flowers is seen here. It took Huebsch a year to complete the whole thing. (Carter Jones/ FOCUS) 3 / 3

Margaret Huebsch learned how to embroider in grade school, but fell out of practice when life got in the way.

"I was raising all these kids, I didn't have time to embroider," said the 96-year-old Huebsch alongside her daughter, Jan.

"You were too busy patching our clothes and darting our socks," Jan said, laughing.

After stockpiling a cabinet full of embroidered pillow cases, Jan thought it was time to start her mom on a long-term project.

In the last two years, Margaret has finished two embroidered quilts she now proudly displays in her room in Perham Living. The first one has all the state flowers, and her latest project is all the state birds.

Jan prepared all the squares and rounded up the colors for each bird and flower so her mom could get down to business.

"I worked on a little every day to keep my hands busy," Margaret said. "I think I'm done with embroidering, it's too hard on my eyes."

"You're 96-years-old, not many people can see to do that or have the hands to do that," Jan said.

With no more embroidering left to do, Margaret enjoys reading and keeping up with the activities at Perham Living.