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Work resumes at Tuffy's following roof collapse

Crews worked to clean up the collapsed roof at Tuffy's on Monday, March 11, 2019. No one was injured when the building fell. (Carter Jones/ FOCUS) 1 / 2
A crew cleared snow off the roof of Tuffy's on Monday. A portion of the roof collapsed from the weight of snow on Saturday evening. (Carter Jones/ FOCUS) 2 / 2

PERHAM, Minn. — No one was injured when massive amounts of snow over the weekend caused a roof collapse at the Tuffy's pet food plant in Perham.

As work resumed on Monday, March 11, workers shoveled off portions of the roof. A warehouse collapse on Saturday happened in a non-essential part of the Tuffy's facility, the company said in a press release, and production areas were not damaged.

The company said it closed off the collapsed part of the factory and is rerouting the products that normally move through it. Tuffy's is still assessing the extent of damage, and it is unclear how expensive it will be to repair the warehouse.

Tuffy's is a major employer in Perham. The head of the city's chamber of commerce estimates up to 400 people work there, and said the factory is important to the city's economy.

"That's what's so key around our area, there are jobs. Even when you go back 10 years ago, when things weren't so good, Perham always had jobs," said chamber Executive Director Dan Schroeder.