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Looking Back 50 and 25 years ago in Perham

50 years ago

Menz brothers are Perham's triple-threat on carrier forrestal.

Twin brothers, Airman Larry and Garry Menz have been joined by their older brother Tom on the USS Forrestal's deployment in the Mediterranean. Tom's primary work includes inspecting the squadron's planes for corrosion and repainting while Larry and Garry are involved with assembling bombs and rockets. The three brothers find time to relax by making port calls in cities such as Naples, Italy; Athens, Greece; and Barcelona, Spain.

Area men to battle red heads

The world champion All American Red Heads girls basketball team will play basketball against the best local talent at the Battle Lake High School. They will play boys rules, and last season the Red Heads won 153 out of 203 games played against men's teams.

Mills youth wounded by pistol discharge

Lyle Dittman, 19, suffered a flesh wound in the calf of a leg Saturday about 3 p.m. when his .22 automatic pistol discharged accidentally. Dittman who was hunting raccoon at the time, was treated by a Perham physician. He was able to be in school Monday.

From the Thursday, April 10, 1969 Perham Enterprise Bulletin

25 years ago

Train wreck bullet dodged again

For the second time in exactly 18 months, Perham dodged a train-wreck-bullet when a freighter derailed on the east side of town. Monday's accident was less spectacular than the October 1992 accident, due to the fact that the pileup of cars wasn't as large. But it had more dangerous potential, because four tanker cars were among 23 that derailed. 42 homes within a three mile radius were evacuated due to the risk of a chlorine leak.

American Legion marks 75th Anniversary

The Perham American Legion celebrated their 75th anniversary of their charter, which took place in 1919. The chartering took place as WWI was ending. Organizers were inspired by an established group for Civil War veterans, and wanted to set something similar up for those from WWI.

Boat Dockters ready for business

The Boat Dockters is now in business and ready to service a wide variety of motor and marine needs. Kyle Dux and Darryl Barney, both moved to the area specifically to start The Boat Dockters. Dux and Barney met in the Air Force, but reunited to start the new enterprise.

From the Thursday, April 11, 1994 Perham Enterprise Bulletin