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Kinship receives Community Change Makers grant award

Kinship received a $5,000 West Central Initiative Community Change Makers Grant award. Courtesy image

What does creating change for the better look like in Perham? For Kinship, it's about engaging the community and enforcing that we are "Better Together" when it comes to making an impact.

Kinship received a $5,000 West Central Initiative Community Change Makers Grant award to provide updated marketing and communication for new School-Based and Community-Based Programs that Kinship will be rolling out in the 19/20 school year.

The Community Change Makers Grant Program aims to help west central Minnesota communities become more socially connected, equitable, hopeful and empowered by funding local projects.

"This project is aimed to communicate the focus of Kinship and to open opportunities for community members to join us in our mission of making sure that every child in this community has a caring adult in their life," said Abby Wallin, executive director of Kinship.

WCI awarded 25 grants for a total of $117,375 in the latest Community Change Makers grant round.

"Our goal with the Community Change Makers Grant program has been to help communities arrive at their own solutions," said WCI President Anna Wasescha. "In this round of awards, we can see our nine-county region through the eyes of individuals and groups who know and love their communities and, by working together, have summoned the creative energy to make those places better places to live and work."