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Looking Back 50 and 25 years ago in Perham

A car stalled on the railroad track a mile east of Perham. Four occupants escaped injury.

50 years ago

Car stalls on NP track, four escape injury

Four people escaped injury when a car driven by Michael Ternus, New York Mills, stalled on the Northern Pacific Railway crossing about a mile east of Perham, on a county road. The car was headed south at the time and the westbound train hit the car and carried it 200 feet down the track and then tossed it to the side. The car was a total wreck.

High water helps fish

High water conditions this spring have been favorable to fish spawning success, the Conservation Department noted. Department fisheries workers observed substantial runs of northern pike into streams and marshes from lakes and a god hatch of young fish is expected. High water allows the northerns to enter the spawning area, which frequently retain water only long enough for the young to hatch and enter the adjacent lake.

Perham fireman called to hose off Highway 10

After a truck collision caused forty gallons of diesel fuel to spread over the road. The oil made a 100 foot section of the highway slick as glare ice, and a hazard to unsuspecting motorists who might come upon it. A highway crew sanded the spot after the firemen blew away most of the oil.

From the Thursday, April 24, 1969 Perham Enterprise Bulletin

25 years ago

Housing shortage in Perham creates headaches for city

The city of Perham has a problem that very few cities outside the metropolitan area has to contend with these days. It has a housing shortage. The growth of jobs over the last decade has created the shortage. Former Mayor Terry Karekla wants the city to move more aggressively on housing. "If a situation arose in which 25 people had to move here today, there wouldn't be any place to put them," he told the council.

Lake levels not as bad as '93.... But they're high

Water levels on area lakes are higher than normal, but are still below last year's record setting levels. A number of factors are contributing to the high levels. Lake levels were higher than normal in the fall, and a wet winter added 4-5 inches of water from the snowpack.

Construction begins on Perham Subway

Work began on the new Subway franchise in Perham with the hope it will be completed by Memorial Day. Most Subways don't have drive throughs, but owner Mike Boedigheimer feels it's important to the overall operation of the food outlet.

From the Thursday, April 28, 1994 Perham Enterprise Bulletin