After a tumultuous few years and a temporary closure, Lakeside Tap and Golf Course is back on track under new management.

General Manager Rachel Bentley was hired in March after working as the tournament coordinator at Cragun's Resort in Brainerd. Before that, she worked as an assistant general manager at a course in Washington, D.C.

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After a challenging start, Bentley says she has hired a dependable and reliable staff that has everything "pretty much set."

To those familiar with Lakeside, Bentley said the menu is the most noticeable change.

"We took the entire menu, gutted it and redid it," she said.

So far the feedback has been positive regarding flavor and taste.

"That's huge for us, not knowing anything and starting from scratch," she said.

Bentley also said the nightly specials will transition into all day specials to spread out the crowd throughout the day.

Another new feature is the integrated computer system that connects everything in the golf shop, kitchen, event center and beverage cart.

Now patrons can pickup and carry a tab wherever they go on the course, without having to stop at each place along the way.

A new website design also keeps everything from events, tee times, rates and memberships in one place.

Bentley said it's been nice to see everyone in the community willing to help out and give feedback on potential ideas.

"Everybody wants to see us succeed," she said. "Our Board President Jim McCloud and Jon Smith have been phenomenal to lean on."