When his relationship of 10 years fell apart and he had trouble finding a home, Tommy Fromuth fell back on friends to help him get by.

Most often, those friends didn't provide a safe and sober environment, which landed Fromuth in jail, rehab facilities and halfway houses.

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By the time Fromuth moved into his room at the Perham 180 program in late-January, he had been homeless since 2012.

Fromuth said his room at Perham 180 was the first place he's had on his own in a long time.

"I wish I would've found it sooner," Fromuth said of the program.

Perham 180 is a nonprofit housing program run by Productive Alternatives, which gives at-risk adults short-term affordable housing for those willing and able to work.

As a nonprofit, Perham 180 is in need of donations, specifically room sponsors. A room sponsor is an individual or group who supplies essential items each time a resident moves into a room. Items range from toothpaste and deodorant to dishes and silverware. Put together, it adds up to about $300 per room. Each resident then moves with these items into their permanent home.

Fromuth had a hard time initially finding a job because of a felony on his record. In March, Service Foods offered him a job, and Fromuth became even more independent.

Last Sunday, he moved to Moorhead to be closer to his four kids, ranging in age from 9 to 16.

Fromuth said it's the first time he's ever moved the right way on his own, without being forced out.

Staff at Perham 180 also helped give Fromuth rides to probation and GED classes, as well as organizing volunteer work.

Fromuth said he'll never forget the friends he made at Perham 180, calling it an easy place to start where he could belong.

Without Perham 180, Fromuth said he would be lost and more than likely using drugs again.

"I don't like to think about that," he said.

Can you help?

Perham 180 can be reached at 218-770-0721 or by emailing Program Manager Hannah Frederick at hannahf@productivemn.org.