Tom Gould is a man with gold in his blood--and silver, and diamonds, and precious stones of all descriptions.

A second generation jeweler, with a well-established family name in the Fargo-Moorhead area, Gould followed his father's footsteps into the profession. Now, Gould Jewelry will be established on Main Street in Perham.

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Gould purchased Perham Jewelry from Dale Wright last year, and with extensive remodeling completed, Gould has opened T.A. Jewelry store in time for Memorial Day weekend.

The late Tom Gould Sr., who started in the jewelry business in Moorhead in 1946, died in January.

Young Tom followed his father into the business in 1976.

A goldsmith for 32 years, Gould specializes in custom designs; repair and restoration of new; old and antique jewelry; remounting and resetting customer-owned gems; writing appraisals for insurance; doing insurance replacement work; buying old and broken jewelry; and offering customers a consignment service for used, but unwanted jewelry in good saleable condition.

"I trained in as a goldsmith, and did custom work and repairs for a number of stores in the region," said Gould, who is able to do most jewelry work in-house, and rarely sends anything out. "My motto was 'if I can't fix it, I'll buy it'...About 98 percent of what comes into the store doesn't leave."

In 1985, Tom established his own shop in Moorhead. He has sold the building in Moorhead, and will be full time in Perham.

"We will be doing all forms of jewelry repair, ring sizing, repairing damaged rings, custom-made jewelry, and engraving," said Gould.

"We will be feeling our way into the marketplace, finding out what the customer needs are," he added.

Tom and his wife Kathy live in a log home on Lake Henry, about 15 miles west of Perham. Kathy works part time as a nurse at Perham Memorial Hospital and Home. She has also assisted Tom in the family jewelry business since 1991.

"Kathy helps with buying," said Tom, adding, "she likes sparkly things...She also sells, does bookkeeping, even KP and other duties."

Kathy started as a nurse in 1973--with a sixteen-year hiatus to raise five children, said Tom. They have two grandchildren in Perham, daughter Pam and husband Don Forrett. "When Kathy was applying at PMHH, I discovered that Dale wanted to retire and sell his store. I have known of his reputation for years, and upon meeting with him, learned he also knew of mine," said Gould. "We sealed "the deal" with a handshake, and the rest is history."

The remodeled Perham store, most of the work done by Tom himself and family members, includes new carpet, extensive display cases, offices and a workshop.

"We were striving for an 'old time' look, with a new, antique tin ceiling, modern and antique lighting, reworked walls with oak wainscoting, a period carpet, and oak wall and floor show cases," said Gould. "We are not going over the top fancy, but want a store that Perham and that we will be proud of. Perham has a lot going for it and is obviously on the move."

"Impact printing," which enables Gould to imprint photo-quality images on plaques, medallions and other items, is a specialized service offered at the Perham store.

The engraving will be featured on prizes for all first place winners of the Perham Turtle Races, noted Tom.

Information on Gould Jewelry is also on the web, at