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New memorial in Underwood to honor all area veterans

Tom Hintgen/FOCUS A new veterans memorial in Underwood will honor veterans from throughout Otter Tail County. At the site of the future memorial is Ron Shebeck of Underwood, a Vietnam veteran and major force in establishing the memorial.

A new American Legion Veterans Memorial will soon be constructed in Underwood, just north of Farmers State Bank at the Myrt Trudeau/Otto Kester Plaza.

Seven concrete monuments, three feet wide by six feet high, will honor Americans who gave their lives during war times, in service to their country.

"The casualties will be broken down into branch of service, number serving in that particular war, total deaths, battle deaths, other deaths and the number of American men and women wounded in that particular conflict," said Ron Shebeck, a Vietnam veteran, retired Underwood banker and a major force in establishing the new veterans memorial.

The memorial will honor those who served in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam Conflict, Persian Gulf War, Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission, Lebanon Peacekeeping, Urgent Fury (Grenada), Just Cause (Panama), Restore Hope/Unosom (Somalia) and the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars.

The seventh monument will have the names of the nine Underwood area men killed in previous wars, where they died, their ages and the units in which they served.

Residents from throughout Otter Tail County, and elsewhere, can purchase eight-inch-by-eight-inch pavers with the names of deceased military personnel, their branch of service and when and where served. The cost is $200 per paver.

Other pavers, placed on the loop, will recognize individual donors or business donors. Those pavers will cost $1,000 each.

There will be a 25-foot flagpole with the U.S. flag and POW flag, a 20-foot pole with the American Legion flag, and five other 20-foot poles flying the service flags.

At the base of the seven monuments will be service emblems on poly metal, depicting the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Sons of the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and POW.