Heart of the Lakes Elementary School's annual Kindergarten Roundup is set to begin.

Kindergarten registration packets were mailed out this week for potential Heart of the Lakes students. Those who would like one and did not receive one should contact the school.

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This year, families can complete the paperwork and return registration forms to the school by March 20. Completed forms may be returned to the school any time between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

"If you have trouble with any of the forms, or are missing required documentation, don't let it stop you from coming in. We can still get your child's registration started, and our staff will work with you to get the information we need before school starts in the fall," Principal Kari Yates said.

"This (preregistration) is a new step and we are hoping that it helps us to get a better handle on numbers early and also eliminates the long lines on the night of the activities," she explained.

Parents and their kindergarteners can attend Kindergarten Exploration Night on Thursday, April 11. This is a fun-filled event in which the kids can tour the school, explore a kindergarten classroom, experience a "taste" of the curriculum and meet kindergarten teachers. Parents will be able to learn about the school's programs and get questions answered in an informational session. Families can enjoy a light supper together either before or after attending the session.

After registration is complete, each child will receive an invitation to a "Getting to Know You Assessment" in late June. This meeting is an individual appointment for each child to come into school and spend time with a kindergarten teacher. The purpose of the appointment is to gather more information about a child's skills and interests so that the school can make the best possible classroom placement.