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Load shaken but not spilled after leaving Highway 78

Minnesota State Highway Patrol vehicles were parked alongside Highway 78 three miles south of Perham Thursday morning as troopers dealt with a mishap involving a Cliff Viessman Inc. semi-truck and tanker that left the roadway and came to a stop in a pasture. Brian Hansel/FOCUS1 / 2
The driver of a northbound Cliff Viessman tanker semi found himself in a pasture along Highway 78 south of Perham early Thursday morning after leaving the pavement. The driver did not appear to be injured.2 / 2

Todd Thielke, 58, of Breckenridge was cited for failure to use due care by the Minnesota State Patrol Thursday morning after the northbound semi-tractor and trailer he was operating drifted off the right shoulder of State Highway 78.

The accident occurred after the semi struck a portable road construction sign three miles south of Perham.Thielke was not injured as he guided the semi and its cargo of approximately 90,000 pounds of milk down a steep embankment, into a ditch and through a farm fence before making a safe stop in an pasture area about 100 yards from where he left the highway.

Thielke was trucking the load for Cliff Viessman Inc. of Gary, S.D., a community approximately 132 miles south-southwest of Perham.

The incident occurred at approximately 7:13 a.m.