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Illegal vehicle operation cases can be costly

Speed violations, driving without valid licenses, not using seat belts, driving after license revocation and other illegal activities can be costly for drivers here in Otter Tail County. Here are a few examples from Court Administration employees who provided records from the month of July.

• On July 6 a resident of St. Peter pled guilty in county court, Fergus Falls, and was convicted of driving without a valid driving license. There was a fine of $100 plus a criminal surcharge of $75 and a court administrative fee of $10, for a grand total of $185.

• On July 7 a resident of Perham pled guilty to speeding on a county highway. A fine of $40 and fees totaling $85 led to a grand total of $125.

• On July 12 a resident of New York Mills pled guilty in county court for not using a seatbelt, a state law. Across the state of Minnesota a seat belt ticket is $25 but can cost more than $100 with fees. The New York Mills resident had to pay the $25 ticket plus fees of $85 for a grand total of $110.

• Also on July 12 a resident of Frazee pled guilty to driving after a license revocation. His fine was $200 plus fees of $85 for a total of $285.

• On July 16 a resident of Dent pled guilty to driving without a valid license. A fine of $100 plus fees of $85 added up to $185.

• On July 17 a resident of the Twin Cities pled guilty to driving 74 miles per hour in a 65 mph area on one of Otter Tail County's roadways. The fine of $40 and fees of $85 added up to $125.