Boys win in Hawley

By John George We all know Brittany Gigstead can run. She led the Yellowjacket girls cross country team to a third place finish at State last fall. Last spring, she ran at the State track meet. This spring, she has been dominant. G...

By John George

We all know Brittany Gigstead can run. She led the Yellowjacket girls cross country team to a third place finish at State last fall. Last spring, she ran at the State track meet. This spring, she has been dominant.

Gigstead began her spring winning the HOL 800m Indoor championship. She followed that up with wins in the 800m and 1600m at the Anderson-Cole Invite. Two weeks ago, she stuck to the 1600m, winning that at the D-G-F meet.

Last week, she was named Girls Most Valuable Distance Runner at the K.T. Smith Track Meet in Breckenridge. She won the 800m with a time of 2:21.98 and the 1600m with a time of 5:16.59, a new meet record.


She was also on the first place 4x400 relay team along with sister Madison Gigstead, Ali Engel and Holly Sheets. Gigstead teamed with Sheets, Engel and Maddie McClellan to finish third in the 4x800 relay.

Her efforts, however, werent good enough to help the Jacket girls as they finished in fifth place with 66 points. Breckenridge won the team title with 108.5 points.

Megan Wiebe did earn a runner-up honors with a high jump of 48. McClellan finished third in the 1600m run and Sheets was fourth in the 400m dash. Sadie Ellenberg (3200m), Becca Peloquin (100m hurdles) and Danielle Refsland (300m hurdles) all brought home fourth place ribbons as well.

The boys team finished third at the K.T. Smith Meet with 103 points. Fergus Falls won the team title with 129 points. Breckenridge was second with 107.

Individually, Caleb Anderson (800m) and Kevin Lachowitzer (3200m) each won their races. Both were also part of first place relay teams. Anderson worked with Alex Lindemann, Bryan Paridon and Parker Carignan to win the 4x200 relay. That same team finished third in the 4x400 relay.

Lachowitzer ran with Paridon, Justin Tellinghuisen and Eddie Stenger to win the 4x800.

Hawley Invite

The boys, thanks to a pair of record setting performances, won the Hawley Booster Invite on Tuesday with a score of 146.


Anderson broke the school record in the 400m dash with a time of 50.09. The old record was held by 2005 graduate David Krueger. Anderson also won the 200m dash with a time of 23.31

The boys 4x200 relay team of Alex Lindemann, Alonzo Williams, Anderson and Jake Hunter set a Hawley Booster Meet record with a time of 1:34.18.

Also winning for Perham was Mike Restad in the discus, Nathan Lillis in the pole vault, Stenger in the 1600m and Adkins in the 3200m.

The girls finished second overall at Hawley behind Agassiz Valley. Becca Peloquin won both hurdle events and Gigstead won the 800m.

Perham will head to Pelican Rapids today (May 4) for the Hank Emmel Invite in Pelican Rapids.

Tuesday, the Jackets will take part in the Section 8A True Team Meet in Detroit Lakes. The True Team Meet, sponsored by the Coaches Association, not the Minnesota State High School League, gives team points beyond sixth place in each event, the standard for more MSHSL meets.

D-G-F is the defending 8A Boys Champions. Perham finished second last year. Agassiz Valley is the defending girls team. Perham finished fifth a year ago.

Both Perham squads will then take part in the Daggett Invite in Frazee on May 11.


Track & Field

Thursday, April 27

K.T. Smith Track Meet (at Breckenridge)

Boys Team Scores:

1. Fergus Falls 129, 2. Breckenridge 107, 3. Perham 103, 4. Staples-Motley 72, 5. D-G-F 54, 6. Wahpeton 38, 7. Pelican Rapids 37, 8. Agassiz Valley 15, 9. Wheaton/Herman-Norcross 3.

Boys Individual Times

100m Dash--1. Meyer (FF) 11.47.

200m Dash--1. Longoria (DGF) 22.98.


400m Dash--1. Carpenter (FF) 51.67, 5. Alex Lindemann (P) 55.61, 6. Bryan Peridon (P) 55.80.

800m Run--1. Caleb Anderson (P) 2:02.77, 4. Charlie Nord (P) 2:11.35, 6. Parker Carignan (P) 2:14.58.

1600m Run--1. Herrick (B) 4:36.13, 3. Ethan Huwe (P) 4:49.84, 4. Nick Adkins (P) 4:53.53, 5. Justin Tellinghuisen (P) 4:54.10.

3200m Run--1. Kevin Lachowitzer (P) 10:12.03, 2. Eddie Stenger (P) 10:34.09.

110m Hurdles--1. Velde (FF) 17.26, 4. Kurt Weber (P) 18.43, 6. Jake Hunter (P) 18.71.

300m Hurdles--1. Hill (PR) 42.89, 4. Weber (P) 44.30.

4x100 Relay--1. Wahpeton 45.88.

4x200 Relay--1. Perham (Lindemann, Paridon, Carignan, Anderson) 1:35.54.


4x400 Relay--1. Fergus Falls 3:29.64, 3. Perham (Lindemann, Paridon, Carignan, Anderson) 3:40.86.

4x800 Relay--1. Perham (Lachowitzer, Paridon, Tellinghuisen, Stenger) 8:36.94.

Long Jump--1. Lipp (B) 195.25.

Triple Jump--1. Lipp (B) 408.75, 5. Lindemann (P) 353.75, 6. Bertram Schoen (P) 353.5.

High Jump--1. Lipp (B) 60.

Pole Vault--1. Pilgrim (SM) 139, 3. Nathan Lillis (P) 120.

Discus--1. Rau (FF) 13400, 3. Mike Restad (P) 12405, 4. Nathan Lillis (P) 12403.

Shot Put--1. Rau (FF) 454.


Girls Team Scores:

1. Breckenridge 108.5, 2. S-M 102, 3. Agassiz Valley 95, 4. Fergus Falls 82, 5. Perham 66, 6. Wahpeton 55.5, T-7. WCA, Pelican Rapids 15, 9. Hancock 13, 10. W/H-N 6.

Girls Individual Times

100m Dash--1. Lisson (SM) 13.26.

200m Dash--1. Erlandson (B) 27.36.

400m Dash--1. Erlandson (B) 1:00.04, 4. Holly Sheets (P) 1:03.63.

800m Run--1. Brittany Gigstead (P) 2:21.98.

1600m Run--1. Gigstead (P) 5:16.59**, 3. Maddie McClellan (P) 5:36.16, 3. .

3200m Run--1. Landecker (SM) 11:34.34, 4. Sadie Ellenberg (P) 12:24.85.

100m Hurdles--1. Olson (W) 17.27, 4. Becca Peloquin (P) 18.07.

300m Hurdles--1. Vertin (B) 49.35, 4. Danielle Refsland (P) 51.70.

4x100 Relay--1. Wahpeton 53.38, 5. Perham 55.63.

4x200 Relay--1. Wahpeton 1:53.92.

4x400 Relay--1. Perham (Gigstead, Gigstead, Engel, Sheets) 4:15.77.

4x800 Relay--1. Fergus Falls 9:48.33, 3. Perham (Sheets, Gigstead, Engel, McClellan) 10:20.58.

Long Jump--1. Erlandson (B) 158.

Triple Jump--1. Vertin (B) 347.

High Jump--1. Nord (AV) 410, 2. Megan Wiebe (P) 48.

Pole Vault--1. Griffith (SM) 96.

Discus--1. Lacey (WCA) 11407.

Shot Put--1. Brause (FF) 339.

** Meet Record

Tuesday, May 2

at Hawley Invite

Boys Team Scores:

1. Perham 146, 2. Frazee 103, 3. Fargo-Oak Grove 91, 4. H/U-H 57, 5. Pelican Rapids 50, 6. Mahnomen/Waubun 48, 7. Agassiz Valley 28, 8. Park Christian 19, 9. LP-A 10, 10. Hillcrest Academy 6.

Boys Individual Times

100m Dash--1. Shipp (OG) 11.47.

200m Dash--1. Anderson (P) 23.31.

400m Dash--1. Anderson (P) 50.09.

800m Run--1. Marvig (HUH) 2:06.77, 2. Huwe (P) 2:07.21, 3. Stenger (P) 2:08.66, 4. Nord (P) 2:09.02.

1600m Run--1. Stenger (P) 4:37.85, 2. Lachowitzer (P) 4:42.38, 3. Tellinghuisen (P) 4:44.27.

3200m Run--1. Adkins (P) 10:34.00, 2. Nord (P) 10:34.27, 3. Carignan (P) 11:07.64.

110m Hurdles--1. Daggett (F) 15.30, 5. Hunter (P) 17.70, 6. Weber (P) 17.83.

300m Hurdles--1. Daggett (F) 41.58, 4. Hunter (P) 47.49, 5. Schultz (P) 48.01.

4x100 Relay--1. M/W 46.85, 5. Perham (Pulford, Schoen, Williams, Lindemann) 48.59.

4x200 Relay--1. Perham (Lindemann, Williams, Anderson, Hunter) 1:34.18.

4x400 Relay--1. Frazee 3:40.82, 5. Perham (Lachowitzer, Stenger, Tellinghuisen, Adkins) 3:53.27, 3. .

4x800 Relay--1. HUH 8:55.69, 6. Perham (Ulrich, Ellenberg, Haugrud, Huber) 9:37.88.

Long Jump--1. Hvidston (OG) 196.5.

Triple Jump--1. Lage (PR) 388, 3. Schoen (P) 380.

High Jump--1. Daggett (F) 62, 6. Skow (P) 56.

Pole Vault--1. Lillis (P) 113.

Discus--1. Restad (P) 1201, 3. Reuer (P) 1140.

Shot Put--1. Busse (MW) 4711, 5. Field (P) 4011, 6. Pulford (P) 386.

Girls Team Scores:

1. Agassiz Valley 174, 2. Perham 101.5, 3. LP-A 54, 4. H/U-H 53, 5. Frazee 48.5, 6. Pelican Rapids 47, 7. Fargo-Oak Grove 37, 8. Park Christian 27, 9. Hillcrest Academy 11, 10. Mahnomen/Waubun 5.

Girls Individual Times

100m Dash--1. Ciernia (HUH) 13.03.

200m Dash--1. Tingelstad (LPA) 26.99.

400m Dash--1. Aarestad (OG) 1:01.09, 4. Jenna Gigstead (P) 1:04.93, 5. Engel (P) 1:06.33.

800m Run--1. B. Gigstead (P) 2:23.29, 2. McClellan (P) 2:27.64, 3. Sheets (P) 2:29.30.

1600m Run--1. Brenden (AV) 5:37.77, 3. Januszewski (P) 5:51.15, 4. Ellenberg (P) 5:52.55.

3200m Run--1. Brenden (AV) 12:12.60.

100m Hurdles--1. Peloquin (P) 17.97, 4. Refsland (P) 18.10.

300m Hurdles--1. Peloquin (P) 52.18, 2. Palubicki (P) 52.65.

4x100 Relay--1. Pelican Rapids 54.44, 2. Perham (Gigstead, Miller, Baumgart, Palubicki) 55.75.

4x200 Relay--1. Agassiz Valley 1:54.65, 6. Perham (Cordes, Lubitz, Gigstead, Pawlowski) 2:02.51.

4x400 Relay--1. Perham (Palibucki, Refsland, Gigstead, Sheets) 4:22.14.

4x800 Relay--1. Agassiz Valley 10:35.99, 4. Perham (Ellenberg, Januszewski, Palubicki, Lueders) 10:45.46.

Long Jump--1. Tingelstad (LPA) 149, 5. Pawlowski (P) 1311.

Triple Jump--1. Nord (AV) 309.

High Jump--1. Tollefson (LPA) 410, 4. Wiebe (P) 48.

Pole Vault--1. Bell (F) 83, 5. Strege (P) 63.

Discus--1. Johnson (AV) 1046.5.

Shot Put--1. Jetvig (HUH) 331.


5/4 Pelican Rapids Invite 4 pm

5/9 8A True Team at D.L. Noon

5/11 Frazee Invite 3:45 pm

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