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Community to decide next year's Think-Off question: Take the survey to weigh in

For 2022, the debate's philosophy question will be one of three choices selected by the community in a survey.

New York Mills Cultural Center
The Regional Cultural Center in New York Mills (Perham Focus File Photo)
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Organizers behind the Great American Think-Off are trying something a little different ahead of next year's event: For 2022, the debate's philosophy question will be chosen by the community, via an online survey.

A link to the survey can be found here. Submission deadline is Monday, Dec. 27.

Once the question is determined, participants will be invited to submit essays on their stance, same as in the past. From those essays, several finalists will be selected to visit New York Mills to debate their stance in front of a live audience at the Think-Off.

The question will be announced on Jan. 1.

The 2022 Great American Think-Off will happen on June 11. The New York Mills Regional Cultural Center may be reached at 218-385-3339.

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