Court news: Judge orders stay of imposition for Pelican Rapids man on felony assault charge

FSA Court gavel 11-13-18

Dale Adrian Sherman, 48, of Pelican Rapids, will have a felony assault charge reduced to a misdemeanor if he remains law abiding for five years.

The judge issued this ruling, a stay of imposition, on May 22 in county court, Fergus Falls. Court records show the original case dates back to May 16, 2019.

Sherman was ordered to take anger management classes and follow recommendations of an assessment team. He will be restricted from using firearms and cannot possess alcohol or drugs.

He was ordered to keep in contact, as directed, with his probation officer. The judge additionally ordered Sherman to fully cooperate with random searches of his residence, vehicle, workplace and property.

Sherman is responsible for various court costs, ranging from $50 to $75 each for such things as imposed fines and criminal/traffic surcharges.


Stay of adjudication for Clitherall woman

Susan Rene Jensen, 57, of Clitherall, will have a felony charge of fifth degree drug possession stricken from her record if she remains law abiding for five years under supervised probation.

This decision by a judge was announced May 11 at the courthouse in Fergus Falls. The original offense dates back to Nov. 2, 2018.

There will be electronic home monitoring for 21 days. In addition, the judge ordered a complete chemical assessment for Jensen. Recommendations of evaluation must be followed.

The court order also includes no use of alcohol or drugs, with the exception of prescribed medications. Random drug testing may take place, noted by the judge on May 11.

Total court fees, the responsibility of Jensen, total $285.

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