FARGO - According to some experts, cases like Shannon Moser's, with a reported younger, male victim, garner unusual responses from the public.

The details are troubling.

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A former middle school teacher, accused of sending nude photos to teenagers, even sleeping with one.

The comments on the story, almost as troubling.

One viewer left a picture comment, saying 'nice.'

Another, saying 'sexy sexy, lucky boys.'

Someone else blaming the boys, calling them 'snitches.'

Yet another, claiming to be envious of the reported victims, saying he wishes he could be Moser's 'jailbait.'


Sexual assault between male students and female teachers have even been treated as a joke on prime-time TV, like in a recent Saturday Night Live sketch.

Chris Johnson, the director of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center says many feel a disconnect between sexual abuse against boys and victimhood.

"When you look at our legal system, it handles it the same regardless of gender. But when you look at societal expectations and norms, that's when you see some variance of who's a victim and who's not," says Chris Johnson, Executive Director RACC.

He says much of that disconnect comes from expectations of what's 'manly.'

"I think an unspoken norm in our society is that young men should be on a "sexual conquest." So if young men are on a conquest, how can there be any victimization," says Johnson.

The center sees around 3,000 people a year, 400 are men or boys.

Johnson says the way some of those victims are treated can be harmful to their development.

"When a young man is put in a situation where there is child sexual abuse, you can imagine how confusing that might be for someone who says "well everybody's telling me that's what I should be going after,'" explains Johnson.

Johnson says male or female, reporting sexual violence is usually a tough thing to do.

He says comments like these only make it harder for some.

Johnson says anyone needing help or direction to resources can contact the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center.