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Be careful with financial transactions online

Sheriff deputies warn county residents that, before completing financial transactions online, be sure to obtain verification of a buyer or seller.

A resident of Ottertail, on Aug. 2, prevented being scammed by insisting on verification from a seller regarding a classic vehicle transaction.

The Ottertail resident was contacted from an online seller about obtaining a 1967 Corvette for $32,900. The seller asked the Ottertail resident to send the money before the car would be delivered.

The county resident asked for verification, never heard back, and called the county sheriff office. He avoided being scammed.

"Always know the person you are sending money to," points out a spokesperson for the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Watch for animals on county roadways

Drivers need to not only watch for other drivers on county roadways.

On Aug. 1, at 8:38 a.m., a driver had to slow down after seeing brown cows on the roadway southeast of Ottertail and northwest of Henning. The incident took place near the intersection of Highway 61 and 300th Street.

"Always be alert for the unexpected," says County Sheriff Administrative Lt. Keith Van Dyke.

Watercraft violation reported

The owner of a watercraft was issued a ticket on Aug. 1, northwest of Ottertail, for transporting aquatic macrophytes which is illegal.

Examples include cattails and duckweed. The cattails and duckweed could have invasive species attached.

Assault reported

A Perham resident involved with a fifth degree (minor) assault Aug. 2 in Perham was later issued a trespass warning. No injuries were reported during the dispute over RVF storage fees.

If the person with the warning does wish to enter the property, the individual must do so with a law enforcement escort.

Polaris four-wheeler stolen near Pelican Rapids

Sheriff deputies reported the theft of a Polaris four-wheeler on the south side of North Lake Lida and east of Pelican Rapids.

The property owner believes the theft took place sometime after 10 p.m. on Aug. 2. The location was near Matson Point Road, north of Maplewood State Park.

The Polaris was a 2006 four-wheeler.

Rollover near Fergus Falls

A woman received a minor injury during a rollover at 6:42 a.m. on Aug. 4, northeast of Fergus Falls.

The accident took place at the intersection of County Highway 111 and 250th Street.

Car window vandalism

A business owner northeast of Pelican Rapids, near Highway 4, reported that multiple vehicle windows were shot out with BB guns.

The incident was reported to sheriff deputies on Aug. 3. An investigation is continuing.

Mailbox vandalism

A mailbox was broken and set on fire north of Pelican Rapids, near Sand Lake.

The incident was reported to sheriff deputies on Aug. 5. An investigation is continuing.

Cash taken from vehicle

Cash and keys were reportedly taken from a vehicle at Ottertail. The call came into the county sheriff office on Aug. 3.

Deputies stress the words "reportedly taken" since the investigation also includes looking into the possibility that the vehicle was previously stolen.